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The online directory of people originally belong to or emotionally connected with Assam/ NE
SL No Short Name Full Name email_id
1 Arati Ms. Arati Barua
2 A Mr. A Som
3 A Mr. A Nath
4 AB Dr. A B Dutta
5 Abdul Mr. Abdul Mannan
6 Abdul Md Abdul Mazid
7 Abdul Shri Abdul Khaleque
8 Abhijeet Dr. Abhijeet Rabha
9 Abhijeet Mr. Abhijeet Mahanta
10 Abhijit Mr. Abhijit Bhattacharjee
11 Abhijit Mr. Abhijit Sharma
12 Abhijit Mr. Abhijit Bhattacharya
13 Abhijit Mr. Abhijit Bhuyan
14 Abhijit Late. Abhijit Sarma
15 Abhijit Late. Abhijit Dihingia
16 Abhijit Dr. Abhijit Khaund
17 Abhijit Mr. Abhijit Bordoloi
18 Abhik Mr. Abhik Dhar
19 abhilasha Miss Abhilasha Hazarika
20 Abhinab Mr. Abhinab Saikia
21 Abhinandan Mr. Abhinandan Dutta
22 Abhisek Mr. Abhisek Bora
23 Abhishek Mr. Abhishek Sarma
24 Abinash Mr. Abinash Mahanta
25 AC Mr. AC Das
26 Achinta Mr. Achinta Borah
27 Achyut Dr. Achyut Deori
28 Achyut Mr. Achyut Chandra Sarma
29 Achyut Mr. Achyut Kumar Saikia
30 Adarsh Mr. Adarsh Borsaikia
31 Aditi Ms. Aditi Sarma
32 Ahindra Late. Ahindra Lal Bhuyan
33 Ajanta Dr. Ajanta Baruah Das
34 Ajay Dr. Ajay Deka
35 Ajay Dr. Ajay Deshmukh
36 Ajay Mr. Ajay Kumar Bhalla
37 Ajay Mr. Ajay Kumar Jaiswal
38 Ajay Mr. Ajay Khemani
39 Ajit Mr. Ajit Kumar Bora
40 Ajit Mr. Ajit Dey
41 Ajit Mr. (Retd) Col Ajit Dutta
42 Ajit Mr. Ajit Kar
43 Ajit Mr. Ajit Kumar Hazarika
44 AjitK Mr. Ajit Kumar Bhuyan
45 AjitK Mr. Ajit Kumar Bhuyan
46 AK Mr. AK Das
47 AK Dr. AK Lahiri
48 AK Mr. AK Deori
49 AK Mr. AK Choudury
50 AK Mr. A K Agnihotri, IAS (Retd)
51 Ak Mr. A K Arora, IAS (Retd)
52 Akash Mr. Akash Barthakur
53 Akshita Ms. Akshita Medhi
54 Alok Mr. Alok Jain
55 Alok Mr. Alok Perti, IAS (Retd)
56 Alokesh Late. Alokesh Barua
57 Alpana Mrs. Alpana Baruah
58 Alpana Mrs. Alpana Baruah
59 Amal Mr. Amal Goswami
60 Amal Dr. Amal Hazarika
61 Amar Mr. Amar Jyoti Das
62 Amar Mr. Amar Gupta
63 Amar Mr. Amarendra Sarma
64 Amardeep Dr. Amardeep Singh
65 Ambika Mrs. Ambika Devi
66 Aminul Mr. Aminul Islam
67 Amitava Mr. Amitava Roy
68 Amiya Mrs. Amiya Bezboruah
69 Amiyo Mr. Amiyo kumar Bhuyan
70 Amrit Dr. Amrit kumar Baruah
71 Amrit Mr. Amrit Jyoti Mahanta
72 Amzad Late. Amzad Ali
73 Anand Mr. Commodore Anand Dharmapuri
74 Ananda Mr. Ananda Saikia
75 Anandi Mr. Anandi Kalita
76 Ananta Mrs. Ananta Dekabarua
77 Ananta Mr. Ananta Borah
78 Angana Ms. Angana Goswami
79 Angana Mr. Angana Goswami Hiangana@Yahoo.Com
80 Angaraag Mr. Angaraag Mahanta
81 Angshuman Mr. Angshuman Das
82 Angshuman Mr. Angshuman Baruah
83 Anil Dr. Anil Agarwal
84 Anil Late. Anil Ratan Borthakur
85 Anindita Mrs. Anindita Dutta
86 Anirban Mr. Anirban Bhagawati
87 Anirban Mr. Lt. Col Anirban Deka
88 Anirudh Mr. Anirudh Goswami
89 Anita Ms. Anita Paul
90 Anita Mrs. Anita Das
91 Anjali Ms. Anjali Barooah
92 Anjali Mrs. Anjali Hazarika
93 Anjali Mrs. Anjali Saikia
94 Anjan Mr. Anjan Sharma
95 Anjan Mr. Anjan Dutta
96 Anjuman Ms. Anjuman Suraiya Ahmed
97 Ankana Mrs. Ankana Saikia
98 Ankita Miss Ankita Gogoi
99 Ankita Dr. Ankita Medhi
100 Ankita Dr. Ankita Medhi