The online directory of people originally belong to or emotionally connected with Assam/ NE

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SL No Short Name Full Name email_id
121 Arindam Mr. Arindam Garg
122 Aripjita Dr. Aripjita Saikia
123 Ariz Dr. Ariz Ahammed Mahammed
124 Arnab Dr. Arnab Dasgupta
125 Arnabjan Mr. Arnabjan Deka
126 Aroop Mr. Aroop Kalita
127 Arti Dr. Arti Behl
128 Arun Mr. Arun Kumar
129 Arun Dr. Arun Kumar Sarma
130 Arun Mr. Arun Verma
131 Arun Mr. Arun Behl
132 Arun Mr. Arunjyoti Baruah
133 Arun Late. Arun Das
134 Aruna Mrs. Aruna Pathak
135 Aruna Mrs. Aruna Baruah
136 Arundhati Mrs. Arundhati Goswami
137 Arunim Mr. Arunim Bhuyan
138 Arunodaya Mr. Arunodaya Bhattacharjee
139 Arup Mr. Arup Rai Baruah
140 Arup Dr. Arup Kumar Mishra
141 Arup Dr. Arup Sikdar
142 Arup Mr. Arup Borthakur
143 Arup Mr. Arup Chandra Sarmah
144 Arup Mr. Arup Kumar Bhagawati
145 Ashim Mr. Ashim Sharma
146 Ashish Mr. Ashish Gupta Asish.Gupta@Rediffmail.Com
147 Ashish Mr. Ashish Kumar Bhutani
148 Ashish Mr. Ashish Gupto
149 Ashish Mr. Ashish Das
150 Ashish Mr. Ashish Chopra
151 Ashish Mr. Ashish Das
152 Ashish Dr. Ashish Dey
153 Ashok Mr. Ashok Jajodia
154 Ashok Mr. Ashok Kumar Doley
155 Ashok Mr. Ashok Malik
156 Ashok Dr. Ashok Bhagawati
157 Ashok Mr. Ashok Kumar Agarwalla
158 Ashok Mr. Ashok Barman
159 Ashok Dr. Ashok Dutta
160 Ashoke Mr. Ashoke Barman