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Monthly Newsletter of Assam Association, Delhi i.e. Jogajog for the month of February 2019

February, 2019
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Mr. Hiranya Kumar Das
About Author: 
Sri Hiranya Kumar Das retired as Director from the Ministry of Defence. Before joining Central Services, He was a lecturer and an Assam Civil Service Officer. He was also Director for Information and Public Relation , NEC, Shillong on deputation.
Biographies & True Accounts
Monu Publication, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad
Book Information: 
ISBN 81-901-207-2-7 First edition 2017 Total Page 100 Paper Binding Lengh 20 cm breadth 14 cm 100 gram weight
A book on a multifaceted Genius "Bhupen Hazarika". Beautifully written about his life story from his chilhood how he connected with people from various spectrum of society.
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Music Legend - Bhupen Hazarika by Hiranya Kumar Das
Pragjyotish Bihu Husori Group
A Group of Performing Artists - Authentic and Original Bihu Dance of Assam A confluence of immensely talented pool of people from all walk of life- housewife, student to executive come together to form the Group ‘Pragjyotish Bihu Husari Group’. The year was 2010. That is their Spirit of Culture to promote their traditional Bihu Dance. Thei aim is to keep their rich heritage in its own authentic form and promote BIHU-HUSARI dance amongst people living outside Assam.
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মন যায় ধুনীয়া তৰাৰ কাষ পাবলৈ
মোৰ মন যায় ফটোগ্ৰাফী কৰিবলৈ
মোৰ মন যায় তুলিকাত ৰং সানি আকাৰ বনাবলৈ
মোৰ মন যায় আইতাৰ সৈতে নামঘৰ যাবলৈ
মোৰ মন যায় তোমাৰ সৈতে বেলি ডুবা চাবলৈ
মোৰ মন যায় আগলতি কলাপাতত ভাত খাবলৈ
মোৰ মন যায় জেতুকাৰ পাতেৰে হাত বোলাবলৈ

মোৰ মন যায়
Dr. Prameela Kaushal
Medical Doctor
School College University studied: 
Assam Medical College , Dibrugarh
Kanoi Colege, Dibrugarh
Retd Medical Professional
Area of expertise: 
Dr Prameela Kaushal