The online directory of people originally belong to or emotionally connected with Assam/ NE

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SL No Short Name Full Name email_id
241 Bideep Mr. Bideep Bezbaruah
242 Bidhan Mr. Bidhan Baruah
243 Bidyananda Mr. Bidyananda Barkakoty
244 Bidyot Mr. Bidyot Bora
245 Bijay Mr. Bijay Das
246 Bijit Mr. Bijit Saikia
247 Bijoy Mr. Bijoy Kumar Morang
248 Bijoy Dr. Bijoy Chandra Deka
249 Bijoy Mr. Bijoy Baruah
250 Bijoya Mrs. Bijoya Chakravarty
251 Bijoyananda Mr. Bijoya Nanda Choudhury
252 Biju Mr. Biju Kumar Patir
253 Bikash Dr. Bikash Saikia
254 Bikash Dr. Bikash Bagchi
255 Bikash Mr. Bikash Kalita
256 Bikash Mr. Bikash Chandra Bora
257 Bikram Mr. Bikram Das
258 Bilash Mr. Bilash Bharali
259 Bimal Dr. Bimal Bhattacharya
260 Bimal Dr. Bimal Kumar Das
261 Biman Dr. Biman Saikia
262 Bini Mrs. Bini Dihingia
263 Binod Mr. Binod Kumar Barua
264 Binod Mr. Binod Khadria
265 Binod Dr. Binod Mohan Goswami
266 Binoy Dr. Binoy Kumar Hazarika
267 Binoy Mr. Binoy Kumar Bordoloi
268 Binoy Mr. Binoy Brata Sharma
269 Binu Mrs. Binu Saikia
270 Binu Mrs. Binu Sharma
271 Biplob Dr. Biplob Borthakur
272 Bipul Dr. Bipul Dutta
273 Bipul Mr. Bipul Kumar Borah
274 Bipul Dr. Bipul Biswas
275 Bipul Dr. Bipul Kumar Baruah
276 Bipul Mr. Bipul Kumar Sinha
277 Biren Mr. Biren Das
278 Biren Mr. Biren Singh Engti
279 Biren Mr. Biren Das
280 Birendra Mr. Birendra Kr Choree