The online directory of people originally belong to or emotionally connected with Assam/ NE
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SL No Short Name Full Namesort descending email_id
241 Rohit Dr. Rohit Kumar
242 Indra Dr. Indra dhar Deka
243 Bulu Dr. Bulu Chandra Das
244 Sunayan Dr. Sunayan Mahanta
245 Raja Dr. Raja Roy
246 Dipti Dr. Dipti Kalita
247 Hareswar Dr. Hareswar Deka
248 Tapan Dr. Tapan Ghose
249 Parijat Dr. Parijat Dutta Bharali
250 Dhrubajyoti Dr. Dhrubajyoti Kurmi
251 Hrishikesh Dr. Hrishikesh Pallab Barua
252 Sashanka Dr. Sashanka Sekhar Dutta
253 Dhariti Dr. Dhariti Das
254 Pallab Dr. Pallab Saharia
255 Jagdish Dr. Jagdish Ghosh
256 Bimal Dr. Bimal Bhattacharya
257 Dhruba Dr. Dhruba Lahiri
258 Smriti Dr. Smriti Rekha Dutta
259 Dhiren Dr. Dhiren Das
260 Hemchandra Dr. Hemchandra Das
261 Aripjita Dr. Aripjita Saikia
262 Sharad Dr. Sharad Barkataki
263 Parinita Dr. Parinita Kalita
264 Anil Dr. Anil Agarwal
265 LC Dr. LC Singhi
266 PK Dr. P K Das
267 Anup Dr. Anup Gogoi
268 Jayashree Dr. Jayashree Bhattacharya
269 AK Dr. AK Lahiri
270 Deben Dr. Deben Buragohain
271 Pradip Dr. Pradip Chandra Das
272 Nilanjan Dr. Nilanjan Hazarika
273 Bhaskar Dr. Bhaskar Saikia
274 Anurag Dr. Anurag Agarwal
275 Rituraj Dr. Rituraj Baruah
276 Rakhee Dr. Rakhee Gogoi
277 Banashree Dr. Banashree Das
278 Shameek Dr. Shameek Bhattacharya
279 SS Dr. S. S. Lalvani
280 Neelakshi Dr. Neelakshi Barua