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The online directory of people originally belong to or emotionally connected with Assam/ NE
SL No Short Name Full Name email_id
401 Deben Dr. Debendra Chandra Baruah
402 Deben Dr. Deben Chandra Deori
403 Deben Dr. Deben Buragohain
404 Debjyoti Dr. Debjyoti Bora
405 Debojit Mr. Debojit Borthakur
406 Debojit Mr. Debojit Borkakati
407 Deborshi Dr. Deborshi Sharma
408 Deep Mr. Deep Saikia
409 Deep Mr. Deep Saikia
410 Deep Mr. Deep Saikia
411 Deepa Ms. Deepa Laskar
412 Deepa Late. Deepa Barooah
413 Deepak Mr. Deepak Changmai
414 Deepak Mr. Deepak Diwan
415 Deepak Lt. Col Deepak Gogoi
416 Deepak Mr. Deepak Kumar Gogoi
417 Deepali Mrs. Deepali Bhagawati
418 Deepali Dr. Deepali Hazarika
419 Deepamoni Ms. Deepamoni Saikia
420 Deepamoni Ms. Deepamoni Saikia
421 Deepangshu Mr. Deepangshu Dev Sarmah
422 Deepanjali Mrs. Deepanjali Dutta
423 Deepika Ms. Deepika Hazarika
424 Deepsikha Dr. Deepsikha Mahanta Bortamuly
425 Deepti Dr. Deepti Kalita
426 Deva Dr. Deva Kumar Duara
427 Deva Mr. Deva Protim Borah
428 Deva Mr. Deva Prasanna Das
429 Deven Late. Deven Pal Das
430 Devenderjit Dr. Col Devenderjit Singh
431 Devina Ms. Devina Saikia
432 Devjyoti Mr. Devjyoti Barua
433 Dhanjit Mr. Dhanjit Kumar Das
434 Dhariti Dr. Dhariti Das
435 Dharity Ms. Dharity Phookan
436 Dharmendra Dr. Dharmendra .
437 Dhir Mr. Dhir Jhingran, IAS (Retd)
438 Dhiraj Mr. Dhiraj Kumar Adhikary
439 Dhiren Dr. Dhiren Das
440 Dhiren Mr. Dhiren Chandra Rabha
441 Dhiren Mr. Dhiren Bhattacharya
442 Dhritiman Mr. Dhritiman Barooah
443 Dhritydeepa Ms. Dhrity Deepa Das
444 Dhruba Dr. Dhruba Lahiri
445 Dhruba Mr. Dhruba Jyoti Gogoi
446 Dhruba Mr. Dhruba Jyoti Deka
447 Dhruba Mr. Dhruba Jyoti Saikia
448 Dhrubada Mr. Dhrubada Bhuyan
449 Dhrubajyoti Mr. Dhrubajyoti Bhoktiari
450 Dhrubajyoti Dr. Dhrubajyoti Kurmi
451 Dhrubajyoti Mr. Dhrubajyoti Sarma
452 Dhrubjyoti Dr. Dhrubjyoti Kalita
453 Dhrubjyoti Mr. Dhrubjyoti Nath
454 Dhurbajyoti Mr. Dhurbajyoti Deka
455 Dibakar Mr. Dibakar Sarma
456 Dibya Shri Dibyojit Dutta
457 Dibyaprakash Mr. Dibya Prakash Sonowal
458 Dibyendu Dr. Dibyendu Kumar Borah
459 Diganta Mr. Diganta Vikram Gayan
460 Diganta Mr. Diganta Bordoloi
461 Diganta Dr. Diganta Kumar Nath
462 Diganta Late. Diganta Kharghoria
463 Diganta Dr. Diganta Saikia
464 Digonta Mr. Digonta Barua
465 Dikhya Dr. Dikhya Sarma
466 Dikshit Mr. Dikshit Sarma
467 Dilip Shri Dilip Saikia
468 Dilip Mr. Dilip Borthakur
469 Dilip Mr. Dilip Kumar Borgohain
470 Dilip Mr. Dilip Krumar Chakravarty
471 Dilip Mr. Dilip Hazarika
472 DilipK Mr. Dilip Kumar Hazarika
473 DilipK Mr. Dilip Kumar Hazarika
474 Dilp Kumar Mr. WG CDR Dilp Kumar Saikia
475 Dimbeswar Dr. Dimbeswar Bora
476 Dimbeswar Dr. Dimbeswar Saikia
477 Dimpy Miss Dimple Borah
478 Dinesh Mr. Dinesh Kalita
479 Dinesh Late. Dinesh Goswami
480 Dingi Mr. Dingi Sailo
481 Dipak Mr. Dipak Senapati
482 Dipak Mr. Dipak Nath
483 Dipak Mr. Dipak Chakravarty
484 Dipak Mr. Dipak Saikia
485 Dipali Ms. Dipali Barua
486 Dipali Mrs. Dipali Sharma
487 Dipali Dr. Dipali Barthakur
488 Dipali Mrs. Dipali Bora
489 Dipam Dr. Dipam Kumar Barman
490 Dipam Mr. Dipam Kalita
491 Dipam Mr. Dipam Kalita
492 DipankaB Dr. Dipanka Boruah
493 DipankaB Dr. Dipanka Boruah
494 Dipankar Mr. Dipankar Sengupta
495 Dipankar Dr. Dipankar Das
496 Dipankar Mr. Dipankar Phukan
497 Dipannita Ms. Dipannita Das, Unmi
498 Dipanwita Mrs. Dipanwita Bora
499 Dipanwita Mrs. Dipanwita Bora
500 Dipika Mrs. Dipika Lahkar