The online directory of people originally belong to or emotionally connected with Assam/ NE
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361 Debashish Mr. Bhuban Baruah
362 Debasish Mr. Debasish Bora
363 Deben Dr. Debendra Chandra Baruah
364 Deben Dr. Deben Buragohain
365 Deben Dr. Deben Chandra Deori
366 Debjyoti Dr. Debjyoti Bora
367 Debojit Mr. Debojit Borthakur
368 Debojit Mr. Debojit Borkakati
369 Deborshi Dr. Deborshi Sharma
370 Deep Mr. Deep Saikia
371 Deepa Ms. Deepa Laskar
372 Deepa Late. Deepa Barooah
373 Deepak Mr. Deepak Changmai
374 Deepak Mr. Deepak Diwan
375 Deepak Lt. Col Deepak Gogoi
376 Deepak Mr. Deepak Kumar Gogoi
377 Deepali Mrs. Deepali Bhagawati
378 Deepali Dr. Deepali Hazarika
379 Deepangshu Mr. Deepangshu Dev Sarmah
380 Deepika Ms. Deepika Hazarika
381 Deepsikha Dr. Deepsikha Mahanta Bortamuly
382 Deepti Dr. Deepti Kalita
383 Deva Dr. Deva Kumar Duara
384 Deva Mr. Deva Protim Borah
385 Deva Mr. Deva Prasanna Das
386 Deven Late. Deven Pal Das
387 Devenderjit Dr. Col Devenderjit Singh
388 Devina Ms. Devina Saikia
389 Devjyoti Mr. Devjyoti Barooah
390 Dhanjit Mr. Dhanjit Kumar Das
391 Dhariti Dr. Dhariti Das
392 Dharity Ms. Dharity Phookan
393 Dharmendra Dr. Dharmendra .
394 Dhir Mr. Dhir Jhingran, IAS (Retd)
395 Dhiraj Mr. Dhiraj Kumar Adhikari
396 Dhiren Dr. Dhiren Das
397 Dhiren Mr. Dhiren Chandra Rabha
398 Dhiren Mr. Dhiren Bhattacharya
399 Dhritiman Mr. Dhritiman Barooah
400 Dhruba Dr. Dhruba Lahiri