Dr. Sanjib Kumar Borkakoti
Original Home Address: 
Nagaon, Assam 782002
26° 21' 38.8944" N, 92° 37' 43.7592" E
Assam IN
POINT (92.6288523 26.3599671)
Present Address : 
North Haiborgaon
Tarun Phukan Road B-103, Nightingale Apartment
Nagaon, 782002
Birthday Anniversary : 
Friday, May 27
Mobile No: 
+91 94350 60198
Author /Writer
POINT (92.6805419 26.3526539)
School College University studied: 
Jawaharlal Nehru University
Cotton College
Gauhati University
A.D.P. College
Associate Professor
Workplace/ Office Address: 
A.D.P. College
R.R. Bordoloi Road
Nagaon, Assam 782002
26° 20' 43.5912" N, 92° 41' 0.8952" E
Assam IN
Office Geocode: 
POINT (92.6755397 26.3451544)
Extra Curricular Activities : 
Promoting the legacy of Sankaradeva.
Present activities: 
I am deeply involved in Sankaradeva Studies and have authored books about life and works of the saint both in English and Assamese. I am president of Society for Srimanta Sankaradeva, which is engaged in promoting the Sankaradeva legacy. I am also guiding a producer to make a mega-serial on life of Sankaradeva. My activities can be seen at my blog My personal website is
Present hobbies: 
Art & Music
Family details: 
My family consists of wife, daughter and son. Daughter is doing PhD and son has passed B.Com.
Future plan in life: 
I have a dream of making a full length English feature film on Sankaradeva. My English novel THE REDEEMER on the life of the saint will be the basis for it. I am in search of people who can help.
favourite Book: 
favourite singer: 
Jagjit Singh
favourite sportsperson : 
Rahul Dravid
Sanjib Kumar
Old Days Photo: 
Recent Photos: 
Sanjib Kumar
Sanjib Kumar