Short Name : 
Group Captain Atul Chandra Barua
Original Home Address: 
Assam IN
Present Address : 
Vasant Kunj
New Delhi
Retd Group Captain
Workplace/ Office Address: 
New Delhi, Delhi
Delhi IN
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Life journey : 

g Cdr Atul Chandra Barua was on the posted strength of one of the Wings of Air Force from 13 Jun 88 to 13 Dec 90 in the appointment of Senior Engineer (Mechanical).

Wg Cdr Barua designed and manufactured an import substitute for the transportation of Bombs from Bomb Dump to Squadron dispersal. He also designed transportation cum handling trolley for the R-60 Missile which is extensively used by the MiG Squadron of that base. The officer is also responsible for designing and fabrication of a lifting tackle and indigenisation of belting tool for MiG aircraft. He has also designed and fabricated the cocking tool for the newly introduced Retarder Tail Unit and a torque spanner for R-60 Missile loading. The other innovative achievements of Wg Cdr Barua are repair and overhaul of imported ground power unit (Houchin) of Jaguar aircraft through indigenous sources and rebuilding of the perished wooden KRAZ cabin with an all metal structure in the Station Workshop.

The single most notable achievement of Wg Cdr Barua has been the planning and execution of demolition of an unsafe Bomb on 13 Jan 90, inside the airfield. The unsafe Bomb was lying with the Wing for over two years, the solution for which was not easily forthcoming from the manufacturers. The Bomb had become dangerously unsafe. It was therefore essential to demolish the Bomb at its location as there was a very high risk of its exploding in case it was moved. Wg Cdr Barua studied the bomb detonation mechanism, the pros and cons of demolition at site, the risks and precautions involved for transferring the bomb outside the Bomb Dump and demolishing the same at a suitable site inside the airfield. Through the officer's excellent professionalism, planning, guidance and attention to the minute details, the demolition task was successfully accomplished.

 Atul Chandra Barua
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 Atul Chandra Barua