Activity Report of Assam Association Delhi 2020

Activity Report of Assam Association Delhi 2020

The New Executive Body of Assam Association ,Delhi 2019-21 took charge on 7th September 2019 at the Conference Hall of Srimanta Sankardeva Bhawan, New Delhi. The charge handover ceremony was presided by Sri Achyut Saikia , outgoing President and attended by EM members of both outgoing and incoming Committees. After assuming charge , various activities have been started by the new Committee which are as follows viz.
1 . Condolence Meeting on the sudden demise of Dr Dilip Dutta , renowned educationist and former professor of Rhode Island University, USA was held on 28th September 2019 observing one minute silence.
2. Participation in the Curtain Raiser event - Assam Association Delhi participated in the Curtain Raiser event held at CSOI Auditorium on 15th October 2019 for the upcoming event viz. North East Expo’2019 scheduled on 2nd and 3rd Nov 2019 to mark the occasion of 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi with 100 years of his association with Khadi and 91 years of AIWEFA’s service to women and communities. During the event, Assam Association Delhi performed the National Anthem and Assam State Song "O Moor Apunar Desh". .
3. Participated in North East Expo’2019 Participated in the North East Expo’2019 (02-03rd Nov 2019) particularly in the Khadi Fashion Show i.e. "Khadi Goes Global" held on 03 November 2019 at the Heritage Building, Lady Irwin College, Sikandra Road, New Delhi .
4. Celebration of Magh Bihu on 19th January 2020 Celebration of Megh bihu was held at Srimanta Sankardev Bhawan with multi-dimensional activities i.e sports, art competition, cultural program etc . This time though all arrangement was made to organise in the field at Vinay Marg, Chanakyapuri but had to shift to Srimanta Shankaradeva Bhawan at the last hour due to the unexpected CAB protest erupted in Delhi. The Uruka was celebrated on 18th January at the same location. The various activities performed were viz. Flag hoisting, Mezi projjolan, art competition amongst children, musical chair competition amongst ladies, spoon race competition amongst ladies, Assamese poetry recitation competition amongst persons of age with 40 years and more , bihu dance performance by children group, launching of souvenir ‘ samayik’, Magic performance by Dr Banajit Mazumdar, tambulla etc. The event was attended by 300 + participants. The magh bihu community bhoj was arranged during the event.
5 . Condolence Meeting on the sudden demise of Ashok Bhagawati was held on 3rd February 2020 with two minutes silence.
6 . Celebration of Republic Day on 26th January, 2020 - The Republic Day celebration was held at Srimanta Sankaradeva Bhawan at 10 AM in presence of several members. The flag hoisting was done by Smti Anjali Barooah , President. A few other members also spoke about the significance of the day.

7 . Heart -to- Heart interaction with Sri Sarbananda Sonowal, Chief Minister of Assam

Sri Sarbananda Sonowal , Hon'ble Chief Minister of Assam and Sri Kamakhya Prasad Tasa , MP(RS) visited Srimanta Sankaradeva Bhawan on 4th February 2020 for a Heart-to -Heart interaction with Assamese Community living in Delhi/NCR. Around 250- 300 people participated the event . Later, one Memorandum was submitted by President, AAD to CM with a request to provide financial assistance to revamp Srimanata SankaraDeva Bhawan . An estimate of Rs 48.6 Lakh was submitted along with the MoU. CM assured to provide necessary support at the earliest.

8 . Felicitation to Gauri Shankar Kalita March 3rd 2020
Sri Gauri Shankar Kalita who reached Delhi on 2nd February 2020 by walking alone from Guwahati, Assam covering more than 2000 kms bringing message to encourage tree plantation amongst present generation. He was invited to Srimanta Sankaradeva Bhawan and facilitated. Later he planted a tree within the campus of Srimanta Sankaradeva Bhawan.

9 . Felicitation to Nizara Phukon March 8th 2020
Smti Nizara Phukon reached Delhi by walking from Chairaideu district (Assam) covering a distance of approx. 2500 Kms conveying messages for preservation and conservation of environment for future. She was facilitated by a delegate at Assam Bhawan for her noble efforts.

10. Rongali Bihu Celebration

The playground of Samaj Sadan, Sector 1, RK Puram was arranged for the upcoming Rongali Bihu Celebration with Cultural Nite . The event had to be cancelled at the last hour due to the restriction imposed by Govt for the sudden out-break of COVID-19.

11. Delegates of Assam Association Delhi met CM Sarbananda Sonowal A delegates of Assam Association Delhi comprised of Smti Anjali Barooah , Dr Nilamani Sarma , Sri Dibyojit Dutta and Sri Pradip Sarma met Hon’ble Chief Minister of Assam , Sri Sarbanada Sonowal at his Delhi residence on dated 21st September 2020 at 12:00 PM. During the half an hour interaction, the various issues related to Assamsese community residing in outside Assam specially in Delhi NCR were appraised and sought supports from him. Then the request for financial assistance of Rs 48.6 Lakh to renovate Srimanta Sankaradeva Bhawan was raised. In this context, Ho’nble Chief Minister conveyed that instruction was already given Govt of Assam to take appropriate measure . To know the current status, he immediately contacted Senior officials of Assam Secretariat who confirmed it positively. Hon’ble CM assured that he would provide more assistance to Assam Association Delhi than it was sought from him.
12 . Rejuvenation Plan for Sattriya School of Assam Association, Delhi submitted to Sangeet Natak Akademy
The various issues regarding rejuvenation plan of the existing Sattryia School operating in Srimanata Sanakardeva Bhawan was discussed with Sri Raju Das, Deputy Secretary , Sangeet Natak Akademy in his chamber at Rabindra Bhawan , Firoz shah Road, New Delhi. Then the proposal as per their advertisement viz. “Financial Assistance of Cultural institutions” was submitted on 30th September’ 2020 with necessary documents. Total Budget submitted for revamping of the Satrriya school was Rs 60.82 Lakh for 5 years out of which the some amount has been sought from Sangeet Natak Akademy as the per existing provision.
13. Steps to improve the Financial Crisis of Srinamnta Shankaradeva Bhawan
Due to ongoing locked down for COVID-19 pandemic , the revenue earning by Srinamnta Shankardev Bhawan has become almost zero. So assisted AACET to improve their financial crisis viz.
a. The load of electricity was reduced from 56 KWH to 27 KWH.
b. Curtailed unnecessary expenditure , identify leakages and fix these
c. Fund Collection Drive was made
14. Celebration of Independence day The 74th Independence Day was celebrated at Srimanta Sankardev Bhawan on 15th August . The flag hoisting was done by Smti Deepanjali Dutta Vice President . A few other members also spoke about the significance of the day.
15 . Contribution towards Stranded people during COVID-19 locked own –
Assam Association Delhi affectively supported to those stranded people in Delhi many of which were COVID +ve, cancer patient, due to sudden outbreak of COVID-19 and subsequent locked down. Necessary coordination was established with Government of India, Govt of Assam, Govt of Delhi, Nodal officers/ Contro;l Room of COVID hospitals of Delhi, Quarantine centres of Delhi/ NCR, Assam House- Delhi, SPUNER (Special Police Unit for North Eastern Region (SPUNER) of Delhi Police), District Administrations of various districts of Assam and other districts with affected people, community centre, NGOs, individuals etc. Several institutions/ individuals have provided financial supports / foods to stranded families/ individuals. Also coordinated with few member medicos viz. Dr Kunjahari Medhi (Bartra Hospital) Dr Joyeeta Talukdar ( AIIMS), Dr Shallen Kumar (Rajiv Gandhi Super Specialty Hospital), Dr Chandan Bortamuly ( LNJP Hospital) etc to assist COVID patients.
Also coordinated with a few NGOs viz. Sristi , Bordoichila foundation etc in arranging buses to ferry stranded people to Assam. Also coordinated other NGOs viz. Centre for Social Change by Dr Bani Bora, SRISTI etc in arranging supply of food to affected families. Funds were raised from members to arrange transportation .
Support was provided to people in various locations i.e. Gujarat, UP, Karnataka ,Chandigarh , Uttarakhand etc .
16. Performing the last rite of CoVID +ve dead-body of patient from Assam - As one person coming from Assam for medical treatment for his wife, detected Corona +ve here and later died in LNJP Hospital. But his dead body could be detected in Mortuary of LNJP hospital after 10 days of his death. But there was deep apprehension to perform verification and subsequent cremation. The issue came to AAD. Sri Dibyojit Dutta, general Secretary took the initiative for necessary identification, bringing dead body to cremation ground in ambulance and performing the last rite with necessary procedures. During the process, Sh Joydeep Shukla Boidya ( Assam House) and Special Police Unit for North Eastern Region (SPUNER) of Delhi Police provided necessary supports.
17. Assamese Poetry Recitation Competition – An Online Assamese poetry competition amongst Assamese students residing in Delhi NCR was organised by Assam Association, Delhi during July 2020. The competition was held in three categories i.e. Group A ( upto class 6 ), Group B ( Class 7 to Class 10 ) and Group C ( Class XI & XII) . 60+ children submitted their recitation Video. The selection was done by a team of juries and as per their version, the competition was tough. Prize money was collected from donor ; awards were distributed amongst winners and all other participants
19. Special Issue of Jogajog on completion of 12 years published
The special issue of Jogajog on successful completion of 12 years has been published
20. 36th Meeting of Cultural Function and Production Grant Scheme from Ministry of Culture , Govt of India
As requested by Ministry of Culture, the following items were submitted to Ministry of Culture towards sanction of an amount of Rs 1.5 Lakh for conducting cultural event viz. Celebration of Rogali Bihu on 23/04/2017 viz. CA Certified Utilization Certificate in 12A format along with Annexure I & II , Photos and Invitation Card of the Event, Link of uploaded videos in social Media Platform , News paper cutting etc.
21. Special Life membership drive
Special membership drive was started to accommodate more potential members as Life membership . Already visited several MPs (LS/ RS), interacted with them and appraised to become Life members to serve the community more effectively. But this afford got struck due to sudden out break of Corona and locked down. It is expected to revive soon.
The nos of life membership done is 5 Nos and another 6 nos have been received for approval.
22 Condolence message to Departed Souls. Condolence meeting with two minutes silence was observed on 12th December 2020 to mark of respect to the departed souls of the following viz.
a. Tarun Gogoi
b. Ashok Bhagawati
c. Ahindra Lal Bhuyan
d. Dr Jayanta Madhab e. Dr Gauri Kanta Handique
f. Utpala Bora
g. Abhijit Dihingia
h. Gauri Barman
23. Appointment of Trustee to AACET
Sri Bhubaneswar Kalita MP and Sri Niranjan Kouli have been inducted as the new trustee of AACET in the Joint meeting .
Sri Bhubaneswar Kalita (born 1 April 1951) is a social worker, politician and Member of Parliament ( Rajya Sabha ) . He has completed Masters in Arts in 1974 and 1978 from Gauhati University. Earlier he had studied B.A. from Cotton College, Guwahati in 1971 and had done Matriculation from Rangia High School at Rangia in 1967.
Sri Niranjan Kouli did his schooling at Dibrugarh and later joined IRS in 1989. Currently he is working as Principal Commissioner, Income Tax at Gurugram. The Committee wholeheartedly welcome and assured full cooperation.

24. Jogajog Publication
The following editions were published during the period .
2019 – September, October ( November and December issued were published as combined edition in January due to some difficulties )
2020 – January, February, March, May, June, July, August, September, October, November , December
2021 – January

25. Samayik Publication
The edition of Samayik publications are
2020 – January
2021 – January

26. Improvement of Jogajog Steps have been taken to improve the monthly newsletter viz. Jogajog. It has been decided that General Secretary and Managing Trustee would contribute a few news about various activities performed by AAD / Trust in each month. Also the important discussion points of EC Meeting , Joint EC-AAD & AACET Trust Meeting etc are also to be published in Jogajog
27. AAD Directory
The database of the members directory is being updated. New addition of listing of various agencies/ entrepreneurship/business/ Organizations/ establishment/ Pvt company etc are gong on
28. AAD Website
Payment of the website has been made and reactivated. The process of rejuvenation of the site is under going on. It is being planned to upgrade into a Digital Platform as a project out-sourced to college students i.e. NIT Silchar, Assam.
29. Jyoti Divas celebrated on 17th January 2021
Jyoti Divas was celebrated through Google Meet with participation of several music enthusiast from Delhi NCR Region from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM through various cultural activities. During the two hours lively session, several participants performed their favorite Jyoti Sangeet , other v music and song with discussion session.
30. Annual General Body Meeting
The Annual General Body is scheduled on 23rd January 2021, Saturday at Srimanta Sankaradeva Bhawan. Due to restriction imposed by Govt , few persons are attending physically, the majority joined through webinar link created for the same purposes. . Necessary arrangement to be organised for the same.

Dated New Delhi 23rd Jan 2021 Dibyojit Dutta
General Secretary, AAD

Event Date: 
Saturday, January 23, 2021 - 16:00
Activity Report  of Assam Association Delhi 2020 by Dibyojit Dutta
Activity Report  of Assam Association Delhi 2020 by Dibyojit Dutta
Activity Report  of Assam Association Delhi 2020 by Dibyojit Dutta