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The online directory of people originally belong to or emotionally connected with Assam/ NE
SL No Short Name Full Name email_id
1101 Nilima Late. Nilima Barua
1102 Nilimesh Mr. Nilimesh Baruah
1103 Nilotpol Mr. Nilotpol Choudhury
1104 Ninong Mr. Ninong Ering
1105 Niraj Mr. Niraj Verma
1106 Niranjan Dr. Niranjan Bhattacharya
1107 Niranjan Late. Niranjan Kouli
1108 Niranjan Dr. Niranjan Bhattacharyya, Professor
1109 Niranjan Dr. Niranjan Bhattacharyya, Professor
1110 Niranjan Mr. Niranjan Kumar Brahma
1111 Niranjan_B Mr. Niranjan Brahma
1112 Niren Mr. Niren Deka
1113 Nirendra Mr. Nirendra Dev
1114 Nirju Mr. Nirju Marak
1115 Nirmal Mr. Nirmal Chandra Sarkar
1116 Nirmal Mr. Nirmal Kumar Agarwal
1117 Nirmal Dr. Nirmal Chandra Hazarika
1118 Nirmala Mrs. Nirmala Hazarika
1119 Nirupam Mr. Nirupam Gogoi
1120 Niruprava Mrs. Niruprava Kumar
1121 Nisha Mrs. Nisha Agarwal
1122 Nisha Mrs. Nisha Moni Borah
1123 Nishi Mr. Nishi Mahanta
1124 Nishit Mr. Nishit Dholabhai
1125 Nitish Late. Nitish Chakravarty
1126 Nitul Mr. Nitul Boruah
1127 Nitumoni Mr. Nitumoni Baishya
1128 Nityanand Mr. Nityanand Mishra
1129 Nityananda Mr. Nityananda Kalita
1130 Nityananda Mr. Nityananda Saikia
1131 Nivedita Mrs. Nivedita Sarmah Bhattacharya
1132 Nizara Mrs. Nizara Gogoi
1133 Nomita Dr. Nomita Deka
1134 NR Dr. N R Laskar
1135 Nripa Mr. Nripa Phukan
1136 Nripen Dr. Nripen Saikia
1137 Nripendra Mr. Nripendra Kumar Bharali
1138 Nripendra Mr. Nripendra Nath Gogoi
1139 Nupur Late. Nupur Baruah
1140 Nurul Mr. Nurul Islam
1141 Nuruz Mr. Nuruz Zaman
1142 Oineetomo Ms. Oineetomo .
1143 P Mr. P Panging
1144 P Ms. P Medhi
1145 P.G. Mr. P.G. Basak
1146 P.K. Mr. P.K. Boro
1147 Paban Mr. Paban Kumar Borthakur
1148 Paban Mr. Paban Singh Ghatowar
1149 Paban Mr. Paban Kumar Kataky
1150 Paban Mr. Paban Sarma
1151 Pabitra Mr. Pabitra Kumar Nath
1152 Pabitra Mr. Pabitra Margherita
1153 Pabitra Mr. Pabitra Margherita
1154 Padmapani Mr. Padmapani Bora
1155 Padum Mr. Padum Gogoi
1156 Pallab Dr. Pallab Saharia
1157 Pallab Shri Pallab Lochan Das
1158 Pallabi Ms. Pallabi Bora
1159 Pallabi Miss Pallabi Gogoi
1160 Pankaj Mr. Pankaj Jain
1161 Pankaj Dr. Pankaj Sarova
1162 Pankaj Dr. Pankaj Kataria
1163 Pankaj Mr. Pankaj Kumar Das
1164 Pankaj Mr. Pankaj Medhi
1165 Pankaj Mr. Pankaj Jain
1166 Pankaj Mr. Pankaj Kumar Sarma
1167 Pankaj Mr. Pankaj Doley
1168 Pankaj Mr. Pankaj Kumar Singha
1169 Pankaj Mr. Pankaj Kumar Singha
1170 Pannalal Mr. Pannalal Bansal
1171 Papori Mrs. Papori Bharali
1172 Papori Ms. Papori Goswami
1173 Papory Ms. Papory Choudhury
1174 Parag Dr. Parag Duarah
1175 Parag Mr. Parag Sarmah
1176 Parama Mr. Parama Hazarika
1177 Paresh Late. Paresh Haloi
1178 Paresh Mr. Paresh Chandra Khaund
1179 Parijat Dr. Parijat Dutta Bharali
1180 Parinita Dr. Parinita Kalita
1181 Parinita Mrs. Parinita Adhikary
1182 Parismita Ms. Parismita Bhagawati
1183 Parshuram Dr. Parshuram Agarwal
1184 Partha Mr. Partha Pratim Dhekial
1185 Partha Mr. Partha Borah
1186 Partha Mr. Partha S Roy Choudhury
1187 Partha Mr. Partha Pratim Hazarika
1188 Partha Mr. Partha Pratim Dutta
1189 Partha Mr. Partha Gogoi
1190 Partha Mr. Partha pratim Dutta
1191 Partha Mr. Partha Pratim Hazarika
1192 Partha Mr. Partha Sarathi Saikia
1193 Partha Mr. Partha Pradip Das
1194 Parthajit Mr. Parthajit Dutta Pjdutta@Vsnl.Com
1195 Parvati Mrs. Parvati Rabha
1196 Parvina Ms. Parvina Purakayastha
1197 Paushali Ms. Paushali Dutta
1198 Pawan Mr. Pawan Agarwal
1199 Payal Mrs. Payal Dasgupta
1200 PC Mr. PC Sharma