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The online directory of people originally belong to or emotionally connected with Assam/ NE
SL No Short Name Full Name email_id
1001 Mrinal Mr. Mrinal Dutta
1002 Mrinal Dr. Mrinal Chandra Sarmah
1003 Mrinalini Ms. Mrinalini Khatri
1004 Mrinmoy Mr. Mrinmoy Sharma
1005 Mritunjoy Mr. Mrintunjoy Singh
1006 MS Mr. MS Pangtey
1007 MS Mr. M S Arumugam
1008 Mukesh Dr. Mukesh Mittal
1009 Mukesh Dr. Mukesh Shah
1010 Mukesh Mr. Mukesh Patir
1011 Mukesh Mr. Mukesh Kumar
1012 Muktikam Mr. Muktikam Phukan
1013 Muktiprasad Mr. MuktiPrasad Nath
1014 Mukul Dr. Mukul Sarkar
1015 Mukul Mr. Mukul Gogoi
1016 Mukul Mr. Mukul Chandra Lahkar
1017 Mukunda Mr. Mukunda Madhab Rajkhowa
1018 Mukundakam Justice Dr. Mukunda Kam Sharma
1019 Mukut Mr. Mukut Dutta
1020 Munin Dr. Munin Bora
1021 Munindra Mr. Munindra Kumar Das
1022 Munindra Dr. Munindra Kumar Bora
1023 Musnaula Mr. Syed Musnaula Haque
1024 N Mr. N Rajkhowa
1025 NA Late. NA .
1026 NA Late. NA .
1027 Naaz Ms. Naaz Asghar
1028 Naba Shri Naba (Hira) Kumar Sarania
1029 Naba kamal Mr. Naba kamal Bhuyan
1030 Nabajit Mr. Nabajit Borthakur
1031 Nabajit Mr. Nabajit Sharma
1032 Nabajyoti Mr. Nabajyoti Talukdar
1033 Nabakumar Mr. Naba Kumar Baruah
1034 Nabin Mr. Nabin Ghosh
1035 Nabin Mr. Nabin Chandra Dihingia
1036 Nagabhushanam Mr. Nagabhushanam Rao
1037 Nagen Dr. Nagen Saikia
1038 Nagendra Dr. Nagendra Nath Sarma
1039 Nagendra Mr. Nagendra Nath Saharia
1040 Naghma Mrs. Naghma Iman Baruah
1041 Nahid Mrs. Nahid Islam Saikia
1042 Naimur Mr. Naimur Rehman
1043 Nalini Dr. Nalini Deka
1044 Nalong Mr. Nalong Mize
1045 Namami Ms. Namami Barua
1046 Nami Miss Nami Phukon
1047 Namita Ms. Namita Bhatta Goswami
1048 Namrata Ms. Namrata Gogoi
1049 Nandadevi Ms. Nandadevi Deka
1050 Nandan Mr. Nandan Saikia
1051 Nandini Mrs. Nandini Sarma
1052 Nandini Dr. Nandini Chaudhary Hazarika
1053 Nandini Dr. Nandini Baruah
1054 Nandini Dr. Nandini Baruah
1055 Nandita Dr. Nandita Saikia
1056 Nandita Mrs. Nandita Sharma
1057 Nandita Dr. (Mrs) Nandita Khadria
1058 Nareswar Mr. Nareswar Sonowal
1059 Nasreen Mrs. Nasreen Ali
1060 Nasreen Ms. Nasreen .
1061 Navanita Ms. Navanita Gogoi
1062 Nawab Mr. Nawab Akram Haque
1063 Nawaz Md Nawaz Surfraz
1064 Nayan Dr. Nayanjyoti Barman
1065 Nayan Dr. Nayanjeet Chaudhury
1066 Nayantara Dr. Nayantara Mili
1067 Nazim Mr. Nazim Ahmed
1068 Neelakshee Mrs. Neelakshee Bhuyan
1069 Neelakshi Mrs. Neelakshi Barua
1070 Neelutpal Mr. Neelutpal Hazarika
1071 Neeta Dr. Neeta Kejriwal
1072 Neeta Ms. Neeta Singh Anand
1073 Neeva Mrs. Neeva Bora
1074 Nekib Late. Nekib Ahmed
1075 Niborna Miss Niborna Hazarika
1076 Niborna Miss Niborna Hazarika
1077 Nijoy Late. Bijoy Kumar Bordoloi
1078 Niku Mrs. Niku Dutta
1079 Nilakshi Ms. Nilakshi Borgohain
1080 Nilamani Dr. Nilamani Sarmah
1081 Nilanjan Dr. Nilanjan Hazarika
1082 Nilay Mr. Nilay Das
1083 Nilima Ms. Nilima Basumatary
1084 Nilima Late. Nilima Barua
1085 Nilimesh Mr. Nilimesh Baruah
1086 Nilotpol Mr. Nilotpol Choudhury
1087 Ninong Mr. Ninong Ering
1088 Niraj Mr. Niraj Verma
1089 Niranjan Dr. Niranjan Bhattacharya
1090 Niranjan Late. Niranjan Kouli
1091 Niranjan Dr. Niranjan Bhattacharyya, Professor
1092 Niranjan Dr. Niranjan Bhattacharyya, Professor
1093 Niranjan Mr. Niranjan Kumar Brahma
1094 Niranjan_B Mr. Niranjan Brahma
1095 Niren Mr. Niren Deka
1096 Nirendra Mr. Nirendra Dev
1097 Nirju Mr. Nirju Marak
1098 Nirmal Mr. Nirmal Chandra Sarkar
1099 Nirmal Mr. Nirmal Kumar Agarwal
1100 Nirmal Dr. Nirmal Chandra Hazarika