'Patriotic Song Celebration’ organised by Assam Association Delhi

'Patriotic Song Celebration’  organised  by Assam Association Delhi
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Tuesday, January 26, 2021 - 16:00
New Delhi -27th January 2021 - A 'Patriotic Song Celebration' was organised by Assam Association Delhi on 26th January on the occasion of Republic Day from 6PM - 8 PM in presence of large nos of cultural enthusiast from various parts of the country and abroad from Australia and USA. The event was arranged using digital platforms and Google Meet webroom where around 50 nos participants joined. The event started with National Anthem which was followed by presentation of patriotic songs and dances by various artist either Live or pre-recorded video. There was dance, interaction with artist during the session. Dr Sangita Kakaty , the renowned singer from Assam attended as the Guest of Honour who in her speech spoke briefly about presence of patriotism in various Assamese songs. When enquired how she could able to perform song in 22 different languages in the 33rd National Games held in Guwahati in 2007 where she sang the welcome song for each State’s team in the State’s respective language in presence of 33 teams with 22 different languages, she described how she had to work hard to achieve the target. Music can amazingly united different people if efforts are made. Then she presented the hindi Patriotic song viz. ‘Mera Bharat Mahan’ , Assamese song ‘luitor akashot torar torali’ and another Jyoti sangeet. Several children, youths and senior citizen performed in various languages viz, Assamese, Hindi . The list was as follows, 1. Assamese patriotic song recitation by Miss Anuja B.Tanaya , Sarala Birla Gyan Jyoti. Class 9 , 2. Patriotic Dance by Miss Anshika Shivam , Class VII Greenway Modern School, 3. Miss Ushria Pritom on patriotic dance performance on 'Teri mitti' , CLASS: 5, 4. ‘O Mur Apunar Desh by Yuuvraj Dutta on Keyboard, 5. Vande Mataram patriotic song by Pranami Saikia , 6. Patriotic hindi song by DIKSHIT PHUKAN, 7. Hindi Patriotic song viz. ‘Mera Bharat Mahan’ by Dr Sangita kakaty 8. Assamese song ‘luitor akashot torar torali’ by Dr Sangita Kakaty 9. Patriotic hindi song by Samyak, 10. Patriotic song 'Desh Hamara' by Aditi Roy, 11. Vande Mataram dance by Anannya Mahanta, 12. Vande mataram by Angana Pathak Class VI Faculty H School Guwahati, 13. 'Vande mataram' by Monideepa Hazarika Neog, Faculty of Computer Engg department PCPS Girls' Polytechnic , Guwahati. 14. Patriotic Song 'I love my India' by Dhrity Deepa Das empanelled artist of Ministry of Information & Broadcasting,, 15. Patriotic song ‘Bharat Humko Jaan Se Pyaara Hai’ by Bornali Gogoi Noida, 16. Jyoti Sangeet recitation by Dr Pranita Sarma Guwahati , 17. ‘Vande mataram’ by Tantri from Sydney, daughter of Biren Das who is behind the keyboard her brother Kaushik who played the guitar, 18. Vande-mataram Violin play by Mugdha ragini and her mother Junumoni Patar playing sitar Assam, 19. Assamese Patriotic Song ‘ Muhoniya Jugomiya siro heujia desh – self composed song ‘ by Junumoni Patar 20. Patriotic Song Hindi hamare tumhare watan sathiyo Mohd Rafi, by Sanjib Goswami , San Francisco USA, 21. XEKH HOBO JATI ,"শেষ হ'ব জাতি" self composed song by Neelutpal Hazaika (Gautam) Guwahati, 22. Patriotic Hindi song by Pronami Sarmah , Sivasagar, 23. Patriotic Hindi song by Sh Jayush Adi Barooah, 24. A tribute to the brave hearts protecting our country patriotic song in Hindi by Dr. Shyamalima Gogoi 25. Patriotic song in hindi ‘Aye mere watan ke logo’ by Smti Gita Dutta, 26. Vande-mataram Violin play by Mugdha ragini and her mother Junumoni Patar playing sitar , 27. Heart touching Patriotic TERI MITTI on PIANO INSTRUMENTAL by Neelutpal Hazarika(Gautam) , 28. Patriotic Song in Hindi by Pakhi and Dhani Saikia , 29. Patriotic song ‘Tahanir Adin Akashat Assamese ‘ by Binod Bharadwaj & Niku Dutta Lyricist :- Sarat Barkakati 30. Sattriya Dance by Jhilmill Pathak, 31. Hindi patriotic ‘sare jahan se acha ‘ on Mandolin instrumental by Dr Banajit Mazumdar 32. Hindi patriotic song ‘Aa Ab Laut Chalen ‘ by Robin Kalita , A few performed live viz. 33. Assamese patriotic song by Sri Nilay Das, 34. Hindi patriotic song ‘Aa Ab Laut Chalen ‘ by Robin Kalita , 35. Assamese ‘boko hom hom kore’ by Robin Kalita 36. Assamese Patriotic Song by Sri Sushubhan Talukdar , 37. Assamese song ‘aah aah ulai aah’ by Reem Pathak , 38. Hindi song by Smti Gita Dutta 39. Assamese song ‘puju aha ai matri by Smti Niku, The 3 hours 45 minutes uninterrupted session concluded by Jatiyo Sangeet ‘ O Mur Apunar Desh’. The event weas moderated by Sri Dibyojit Dutta GS and Vote of thanks was given by Smti Reem Pathak Coordination Secretary, AAD. http://aad.assam.org/content/patriotic-song-celebration%E2%80%99-organised-assam-association-delhi Phtotos https://youtu.be/SPRTyNE2dOM video link A few comments received from participants are viz. Neelutpal Gautam Hazarika: HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY TO YOU ALL Purobi Patowary, Asst Prof, AEC : fantastic Sangita Really proud of you as a batchmate niku: khub bhal lagil sangita ba Kavveri Dutta: soul touching song and sung very beautifully Baidou Sangeeta: Very nice Aditi Roy: Beautiful rendition by Dr. Kakati. Sangeeta: Kijey bhal lagil Nilay Das: Sangeeta....tumar Vande Matarme ei abelio xompurno ratipowar aabhax aani dile Kalyan Talukdar: Very nice to see all of you. Reem Pathak: Sangita thank you Sangeeta: Neev too good L0VAEIL: Lovely voice Jona Talukdar: Awesome pranita sarma: very nice. ur voice is very good keep it up Pronami Sarmah: Superb Singing Purobi Patowary: Voice has depth and feeling Aditi Roy: very melodious. Bornali Gogoi Buragohain: Nice to see yoy sangeetaba...apunar protitu gam bhal lage. Sangeeta: Beautiful dance flow Purobi Patowary: Such a nice presentation Purobi Patowary: Beautiful energy Neelutpal Gautam Hazarika: fantastic.. Lovely voice and nice accompaniment Jona Talukdar: Bohut dhunia Shyamalima Gogoi: Nice program Jona Talukdar: Hundor Purobi Patowary: khoob xundor hoise Neelutpal Gautam Hazarika: fantastic..Very nice voice Niku niku: dhonyobad dada pranita sarma: nice voice . keep it up Reem Pathak: Amazing thank you pranami Reem Pathak: Thank you Niku awesome niku: hundor pronami niku: thanks reem baa Neelutpal Gautam Hazarika: PRONAMI SARMAH CLASSIC,.RANGE FANTASSTIC Aditi Roy: Splendidly Sang a very difficult song. niku: very melodious ...Aditi Reem Pathak: Beautiful Aditi Purobi Patowary: Wow! Dhruba Jyoti Saikia: Good Nilay Aditi Roy: Beautiful Nilay Neelutpal Gautam Hazarika: BHAL LAGILE Purobi Patowary: Nicely sung Nilay Nilay Das: Thank you all for your encouraging words. Purobi Patowary: Borhiya Aditi Roy: Excellent Reem Pathak: Very nice shyamaloima pranita sarma: organiser it is 8 pm USHRIA PRITOM: Thank You So Much everyone. Wonderful celebration. Once again Happy republic day to you all. Good night Shyamalima Gogoi: Thank you so much everyone Shyamalima Gogoi: Aditi Roy... very beautiful voice you have...best wishes for your future endeavours.. Kavveri Dutta: Superb!!! Aditi Roy: Thanks. You also do possess beautiful voice and the song you sang is one of my favourite patriotic song. You can hear this one in my You tube channel. Wishing you all the best. pintoo talukdar: Nicely sung Geeta Kavveri Dutta: Superb!!! Shyamalima Gogoi: Sure Aditi ...I will. Shyamalima Gogoi: Geeta... awesome Jona Talukdar: Hundar Purobi Patowary: Khoob dhuniya hoise Pranita baidew Shyamalima Gogoi: Dhuniya gaisa samyak Kavveri Dutta: So nicely sung! Aditi Roy: Thanks for a wonderful evening. Signing off now. Good Night. tankeswar boruah: Samyak God bless Reem Pathak: Samayak awesome Reem Pathak: Dhriti deepa thank you tankeswar boruah: Dibya da and Reem ba , Banajit Congratulations for the successful of beautiful programme Reem Pathak: Wow amazing. Reem Pathak: Thank you @dr tankeswar Nilay Das: Oti xundor Neelutpal dada Shyamalima Gogoi: Neelutpal dada... awesome Aadi Dev: খুউব ভাল হৈছে Reem Pathak: Amazing Gautam @Nilotpal pintoo talukdar: ভাল লাগিছে Aadi Dev: Excellent Aadi Dev: Amazing Reem Pathak: Amazing vdo pranab phukan: বৰ সুন্দৰ এটা প্ৰগ্ৰাম উপভোগ কৰাৰ সুযোগ পালোঁ ৷ এনে এটা অনুষ্ঠানৰ গুৰি ধৰোঁতা দিব্যজিত দত্ত মহাশয় আৰু ৰীম পাঠক মহাশয়ালৈ আন্তৰিক ধন্যবাদ জনাইছোঁ ৷ আগলৈ আৰু এনে অনুষ্ঠান আশা কৰিলোঁ Nilay Das: Yes...mukto kora bhoy....nijoke kora joy...Borhiya Shushobhon dada Reem Pathak: Uncommon geet ata xuniboloi pau Shusubhan dada Aadi Dev: বঢ়িয়া Reem Pathak: Amazing Aadi Dev: ভাল হৈছে Aadi Dev: Excellent Neelutpal Gautam Hazarika: DHANI AND PAKHI ALSO PRANAMI...EXCELLENT Nilay Das: Dhani aaru Pahi....khuwb bhal lagil.. Nilay Das: Very well sung Pranami..keep it going Aadi Dev: Thank you Reem and Dibyojit। Enjoyed the program Nilay Das: Very well Violin play by Ms Pator... Nilay Das: Very nice Neelutpal Gautam Hazarika: BEUTIFUL SINGING Nilay Das: Well sung by Ms Pathak with Harmonium Nilay Das: Vande Maatorm tops the list with around 10 numbers in different form.. niku: reem ba..bhal hiose Nilay Das: Oti Xundor Ms Reem pintoo talukdar: ৰীম ভাল গাইছা Nilay Das: Noyon Joor pora Xattriya by Ms Jhilmil Pathak pranab phukan: ধুনীয়া ছোৱালীৰ সুন্দৰ নৃত্য pranab phukan: এটা লেখা সম্পূৰ্ণ কৰিব লাগে; গতিকে সুন্দৰ অনুষ্ঠানটিৰ পৰা উঠি যাব লগা হ'ল Nilay Das: Excellent singing Rabin Da..though we missed your live performance due to Technical issues Nilay Das: Banajit...Very well played Reem Pathak: Very nice Banajit Reem Pathak: Rabin da very nice Nilay Das: Finally we have you live Rabin da...very good.. Neelutpal Gautam Hazarika: Rabindra N Kalita NICE Neelutpal Gautam Hazarika: CLASSIC DESCRIPTION Nilay Das: Rabin Da...bahut nejana kotha janilo..bor interesting..Thanks Reem Pathak: Awesome Rabin da Nilay Das: Thanks Dibya Da and Ms Reem Pathak for arranging such a nice evening
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'Patriotic Song Celebration’  organised  by Assam Association Delhi
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