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Mr. Jiban Jyoti Das
Original Home Address: 
Lakhimpur , Japisojia, 787001
Present Address : 
Birthday Anniversary : 
Friday, April 27
School College University studied: 
IIT Kanpur
Cotton College , Guwahati
North Lakhimpur Govt HS School
National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory, Michigan State University
Applied Isotope Development Physicist
Workplace/ Office Address: 
Office No 1104, Michigan State University
640 South Shaw Lane East Lansing, MI 48824-1321
Michigan, 48824
Area of expertise: 
nuclear science , physics,
Present activities: 
I am a nuclear scientist. We are a national laboratory under US government and situated inside Michigan State University. We basically interested in understanding deeper into structure and formation of nuclei. FRIB (Facility of Rare Isotope Beams) that was funded as upgrade of our current facility (NSCL) by US DOE. This is a next generation accelerator. We started constructing at 2008 and expected to do initial commissioning in 2022. Once completed it will be World’s largest Nuclear Accelerator Facility of its kind. Specifically I work in high temperature plasma ion source, which, kind of make the beams for the accelerator.
Life journey : 
Whenever a national laboratory is in University campus, all scientists are listed as faculties by the University. Thus all NSCL/FRIB are also faculties of MSU. About India connection, before coming to USA, I was a scientist at Nuclear Science Centre. I still go to BARC/DAE for seminars etc.
Office Geocode: 
POINT (-84.473546 42.7244853)
Short Name :