An Appeal for Blood donation

My friend's mother is suffering from AML(Acute Myeloid Leukemia) due to which her platelet count is very low. Doctor says her treatment will go on for at least 5 months and during this period her body will need platelets everyday. As, we are new in Delhi we do not know many people here, therefore we request you to please help us find donors for her.
We would like to mention that in this procedure a machine is used to extract just the donor's platelets and then it returns the rest of donor's blood back to donor's body.
Required Specifications:
  - No specific blood type required for platelet donation.
  - Donor's Hemoglobin should be more than 10.
  - Donor should not be under Antibiotic for past 15 days.
  - Donor should not be under thyroid medication
  - As blood will enter again in donor's body, so visible/prominent veins is preffered.
Patient details-
  Patient Name: Kirudha Saikia
  Age: 50 years
  Admitted in:  Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute, Rohini
  Suffering From: AML(Acute Myeloid Leukemia)
Contact Person details-
  Name: Lakshmikant Saikia
  Relation: Son
  Mobile: 7576886918
  Alt number: 9892884549
My friend lost his father in 2016 to paralysis and he is their only child, so I am trying to help as much as I can. Any help from your end is very much appreciated.
Thank You.
Porinita Newar
Blood donation Kirudha Saikia