The online directory of people originally belong to or emotionally connected with Assam/ NE
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1521 Ilakshi Mrs. Ilakshi Bhuyan Nath
1522 Beena Mrs. Beena Chamna
1523 Meenakshi Mrs. Meenakshi Arumugam
1524 Rumi Mrs. Rumi Sarmah
1525 Rupjyoti Mrs. Rupjyoti Borah
1526 Jurimoni Mrs. Jurimoni Mahanta
1528 Aruna Mrs. Aruna Pathak
1529 Rina Mrs. Rina Handique
1530 Shyamalina Mrs. Shyamalina Kakati
1531 Ila Mrs. Ila Bharali
1532 Mridusmita Mrs. Mridusmita Hazarika
1533 Reema Mrs. Reema Hazarika
1534 Kamla Mrs. Kamla Devi
1535 Reem Mrs. Reem Pathak
1536 Sudha Mrs. Sudha Kakati
1537 Anuradha Mrs. Anuradha Baruah
1538 Bhairabi Mrs. Bhairabi Devi Seal
1539 Mousumi Mrs. Mousumi Baruah
1540 Ruma Mrs. Ruma Hazarika
1541 Anjali Mrs. Anjali Hazarika
1542 Kanan Mrs. Kanan Saharia
1543 Barbie Mrs. Barbie Khaund Bora
1544 Kusum Mrs. Kusum Baruah
1545 Rina Mrs. Rina Devi B Sonowal
1546 Sujata Mrs. Sujata Bora
1547 Nandita Mrs. Nandita Khadria
1548 Rajni Mrs. Rajni Brahma
1549 Smita Mrs. Smita Pegu
1550 Charu Mrs. Charu Hazarika
1551 Trishna Mrs. Trishna Barkakati
1552 Surabhi Mrs. Surabhi Hazarika
1553 Nandini Mrs. Nandini Sarma
1554 Sangeeta Mrs. Sangeeta Samant
1555 Geetima Mrs. Geetima Das Krishna
1556 Shibani Mrs. Shivani Gogoi
1557 Aruna Mrs. Aruna Baruah
1558 Dipali Mrs. Dipali Sharma
1559 Ananta Mrs. Ananta Dekabarua
1560 Pranami Mrs. Pranami Khaund Tamuly