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Mr. Manjit Nath, Co-founder
Xomidhan (as per the Assamese dictionary) means uttar, an answer, a reply. As such, our mission is to provide a solution to the issues at hand. It could be a very small step towards solving the bigger problems that plague our state. But we want to make an effort, begin somewhere. A cursory view of our charter: 1. Career Counselling Confused regarding which course to opt for or which institute to head to? Want to explore career options in various sectors in Assam or out of Assam? Require a mentor in your field to guide you to become more successful in life? The above are only a few instances and every person has his/her unique issue. Share your career related problems with us, and we will give you the best solution we can. For example, if someone wants to crack the IIMs or the IITs, the most obvious suggestion he might get is that "Sit for CAT/JEE, perform well and that will be your ticket to those institutes". While that is not incorrect, what the aspirant also needs to be tipped about is "go back to primary school, pick up the Tables (Neota). Pick the art of mental calculations from the vendors in the market. Read and speak in English as much as possible (must for CAT exam)" and so on. 2. It isn't about a community: When we refer to Assam or the Assamese, please remember it essentially includes all residents of that state and not the Assamese community in particular [as a matter of fact, the idea for our Org, was seeded by a Bengali resident of Nagaon]. So all are invited to send in your queries or join our panel of Career Counsellors (as applicable). Even non-residents of Assam, willing to extend a helping hand to our cause, are most welcome. 3. Be one of us: Do you have a good understanding of your career domain—good enough to provide professional guidance to aspirants? If yes, why don't you register yourself as a Career Counsellor with us? Only when Xomidhan receives a query related to your specific area of expertise, you will be required to respond. You can even don the role of a Mentor and guide a Mentee in his/her career. If you do not want to become either of the two, you can still join us by simply being a part of our think tank or help us with your time or resources. Click here to register. 4. Not brain-drain, but brain-chain: Our network of Career Counsellors from different parts of the world, can provide authentic, even first-hand information, for students and careerists. But that should not be misinterpreted as promoting brain-drain. We only want to help people realize their true potential.
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097062 20355
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