Two stranded persons in Delhi sent to Native place .

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Sri Uttam Kumar Mandal  and Pradeep Bhuyan   from  Makum, Tinsukia district who were  brought to Haryana by a contractor promising jobs in Industry left    high and dry when their  contactor fled without paying their 4 months salary . The two penniless youths  somehow landed Delhi  on 13th November , waiting  in front of Assam House for food & shelter desperately searching to return home. They were  located by  a few media persons who offered them food in the canteen. Sri Pranjal Das, reporter   informed the matter  to General Secretary, Assam Association Delhi who later visited them and took the stock.  Their painful story was heard and  train tickets were arranged for them upto  Tinsukia  who reached home safely on 16th November.

Such kind of incidents   have become regular   where youths  are brought here showing bright  prospects , who reached  here  without thinking their  safety , security  who should atleast collect a few contacts  who may be useful during emergency.  Contacts of large nos of persons/ association/ institutions have been made available at the Delhi NCR Assamese Diaspora Database

Two stranded persons in  Delhi  sent to Native place   .