Govt of Delhi NCT has offered shelter to helpless Assamese pregnant lady

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Department of Women and Child Development, Government of NCT of Delhi has provided accommodation for a  helpless Assamese lady  who became helpless after being ditched by her husband. An Assamese girl  came to Delhi after getting job, made friendship to a local friend, secretly got married in a  Mandir and became pregnant. Because of these development,  soon  she lost her job, her hostel owner told her to vacant room,  her own  family ditched her finding her to bring dishonour to their family. Finally  total darkness overpowered her.

This matter was brought to the Assam Association  Delhi , who reported it to concerned authorities  Govt of Delhi responded by providing shelter to her.  They have provided two Shelter Homes for Pregnant  and Lactating Women running by Dept of Women and Child Development in collaboration with Young Women Christian Association  viz. Matritava Chhaya  at  Jahangirpuri and Sarai Rohila .

As she  had already been given shelter by an another  Nari Niketan in Delhi , thanks to  Smti Mrinalini Khatri who is an Advocate and  has been associating with various social issues who  helped identify the shelter.  Though presently the support is not immediately required, but it may require in future as it is learnt that there should be more similar cases in this region.  It is found that as our youths are  making  too many mistakes, similarly  their parents have similar tendency to avoid taking  responsibility to rescue their children.